Anlagen- und Sonderformstückbau GmbH
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D-04880 Dommitzsch

For us, safety means:
nothing happens without a license.

Our products are deployed in the fields of the chemicals industry, power plant construction, pipelines and water supply. Safety is synonymous with function in all of these areas. This is why all stages of our work are certified and in compliance with all German or international standards of testing. Not a single product leaves our works without a certificate.

ISO 9001:2015
SCC Certificate 2011

AD 2000 leaflet HP 0 / HP 100 R / TRD 201            
and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 in connection with
the Pressure Equipment Directive
ASME S+U Stamp       
We are an audited supplier for:
Power plant pipeline construction in the
chemicals and petrochemicals industries
Welding procedure qualifications
Procedure qualifications according to DIN EN ISO 15614-1 for the materials groups WG 1.1 – 1.3; WG 2; WG 4.2; WG 5.1; WG 5.2; WG 6.4; WG 8.1; WG 8.2; WG 10 und WG 10.2


Download our certificates here:


TÜV-HP0-2019 (engl.)

Certificate Iso9001
Certificate Iso9001 (engl.)
Certificate SCC
Certificate SCC (engl.)

National Board Certificate (engl.)

ASME S Stamp (engl.)

ASME U Stamp (engl.)

Zert-Gost TR-TS 032/2013 (russ.)container

Zert-Gost TR-TS 032-2013 (russ.) pipeline

Zert-Gost TR-TS 010-2011 (russ.) machinery